4 years ago
requesting vivian having her feet tickled while mod-tan tries to coerce her to say "i love video games" or apologizing for posting "for free"
4 years ago
non-lewd request
asura's wrath the end of a god+zoe gate
chakravartin=zoe asura=/v/ mithra=vivian
/v/-now i understand it all now, the true reason for my[rage
zoe- you are misogynistic!

/v/-i could not stand it, there is always some fool who wants ruin video games!
always useing reviewers to improve there shitty game, instead of improving it themselves!

zoe-how can he be so powerful
i am...the

/v/- that's why...i don't pay for games. Nor will I play them!
But..above all else I will never forgive you for ruining my vidya destiny

/v/-this is your end

vivian-wait...if you stop her the reviews will end, and without reviews the video game industry will crash

/v/- but you can still play them

vivian- father!
why do you act so childishly
no, i didn't want this to happen that's why I--!

/v/- I didn't want you to play shit games

Vivian- stupid

/v/ no more indifference, smile
my rage is finally gone

that was all just rough script change what you will

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